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He asked, and she said yes...


They met when they were little, she was in 4th grade and he in 6th. She remembered seeing him on the play ground and thinking... there's something about that boy. They grew up together, same friends, same parties, a few dates, same college, but always best friends. 


They moved to New York City, their friendship turned into their romance. These best friends turned into their greatest loves. They struggled together to make it in that city. Their love was strong but young, they had good times and bad. He moved back to Ohio and they were sad. They took a break but not for long. He had her heart and she held his. It didn't take long before they were stronger then ever, a love so great was meant to be forever. 


It was that Thanksgiving break of 2013 that he found her ring, he couldn't wait to ask. A party was planned and he took her for a walk. They went to a place they had been so many times and he asked her if he could be her forever man. She was shocked into blissful silence, tears both down their faces. The party was waiting and they ran back anxious. A celabration night they had with all their family and friends. And now they invite you to celebrate it all again, they will soon be walking hand in hand 

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